Business Development

Are you a proactive, confident self-starter?  Can you keep up with fast-paced, changing environment?  Are you a sincere listener?  Can you stay focused on the end goal, navigating changing tactics to achieve it?

Hale CPA Group is looking for a Business Development extraordinaire. We’re an accounting services firm that helps small, Austin-based businesses with their accounting set-up, clean-up, monthly close and reporting. We aren’t your grandpa’s stuffy accounting firm, no mothballs or mahogany walls here. We are a fast-growing, tech-enabled firm looking for an energetic BD person who can:

  • Build relationships in the business community.

  • Generate sales leads.


Here’s what you can expect working at Hale CPA Group:

  • While the BD’s job is primarily to generate sales leads, they will also be part of the firm’s brand and identity in the community.

  • You’ll be reporting directly to the owners, who are busy and not always in the office. You’ll need to be a self-starter and problem solver.

  • Nobody likes a bully. And there’s no “I” in accounting. Okay, so there is an "I" in accounting, but never mind that. You'll need to effectively achieve your goals and operate in a team environment.

  • When the owner says "Charge up that hill!", do you say: a) Yes, sir! How fast should we charge, sir? b) Nah, things are pretty good here in the valley. Maybe the next hill. c) Hmm... I thought we were trying to get across the bridge, and that hill is the wrong way. Oh, and I've already got a plan to get across the bridge worked out. I'm looking for someone who's got the bridge plan.

  • Our current business development process is pretty informal.  We’ll want your help to formalize those once you get settled in, but let’s not make it too formal.

  • Do you need a pep talk to get you going each morning?  Hmm… you’re probably not going to get that here. This might not be your thing.

  • Remember when you were a kid and saw that clown juggling three bowling pins, a feather, a shoe while balancing an umbrella on his forehead? Can you do that? That would be pretty cool, but not a requirement for this job. Multi-tasking is though, and you’ll need to be pretty good at it to be successful here. You’ll be simultaneously juggling community presence, generating new leads, and closing deals on existing leads.

  • Bullet points. You can definitely expect bullet points. Who want some more?

  • The hare definitely wins the race.  Who are those tortoises fooling?

  • You gotta roll with the punches. No, not literal punches, but things do change rapidly around here. You need to be flexible and adaptable with changes in processes, teams, clients, calendars, and most everything else.

  • Is your glass half empty? This probably isn’t the best place for you, then.

  • We like to communicate. You’ll need to be able to communicate well in words, in numbers, in emails, over the phone, in person, with those that know a lot about accounting, with those that don’t know anything about accounting, with business owners, with assistants, with employees, with white-collar clients, with blue-collar clients, in a box with a fox, in a house with a mouse… I think you get the picture.

  • Who’s got the ball? You do? Nice work.

  • Close the loop. Let’s talk more about that when we meet. Be sure to ask us about it.


Here are a few things that might increase your chances:

  • Do you have some accounting background?  Not a requirement, but it will shorten your ramp-up time.

  • Must be able to smile fairly regularly. Laughing optional, but highly encouraged. If you know some good “dad jokes”, that’s a bonus.


  • Compensation is a hybrid of a fixed base and variable commissions.

  • Flexible working hours

  • Medical, dental, vision, term life, AD&D, 401(k) plan available

  • Paid vacation and holidays.

  • You get to hang out with us. Definitely a benefit.

Want to know more? We can talk about this all day! Let’s chat.

How to apply:

Step 1:  Send your resume to recruiting@halecpagroup.com.

Step 2: Take our culture survey.