Accounting Director

Are you an experienced accountant with a proactive approach to problem solving? Can you make quick decisions when needed? Can you plan out a project, then lead a team to complete it on time? Can you be a contributing member of a management team?

Hale CPA Group is looking for it’s next Accounting Director and team lead. We’re an accounting services firm that helps small, Austin-based businesses with their accounting set-up, clean-up, monthly close and reporting. We aren’t your grandpa’s stuffy accounting firm, no mothballs or mahogany walls here. We are a fast-growing, tech-enabled firm looking for an energetic Director who can:

  • Proactively lead a team of 6-8 controllers, accountants and bookkeepers

  • Perform quality control review of close workpapers and financial reporting

  • Mentor and teach team members and clients about US GAAP

  • Manage and foster client relationships and expectations


Here’s what you can expect working at Hale CPA Group:

  • While the Director’s job is primarily to manage the team and review their work, you can’t be afraid to get your hands dirty when needed. We all pitch in around here to accomplish the objectives.

  • You’ll be reporting directly to the owners, who are busy and not always in the office. You’ll need to be a self-starter and problem solver, for both yourself and your team.

  • Nobody likes a bully. And there’s no “i” in accounting. Okay, so there is an "i" in accounting, but never mind that. You'll need to effectively motivate your team to help get to where you're going.

  • We found that running a business is a lot easier when you make money at it, so you’ll be doing some project management and engagement profitability analysis along the way.

  • When the owner says "Charge up that hill!", do you say: a) Yes, sir! How fast should we charge, sir? b) Nah, things are pretty good here in the valley. Maybe the next hill. c) Hmm... I thought we were trying to get across the bridge, and that hill is the wrong way. Oh, and I've already got a plan to get across the bridge worked out. I'm looking for someone who's got the bridge plan.

  • We have a certain way of doing things around here, and we think our processes are pretty good. We’ll want you to keep those going and help ensure your team does, too. It’s not perfect yet, though, and we’d really like you to help us improve upon the processes once you get settled in.

  • We primarily use QuickBooks Online and Xero. We also like applications like bill.com, Hubdoc, Gusto, Expensify, etc. and are constantly looking for the latest apps to help automate processes and improve the client experience. If you know some but not all of those systems, we can teach you the remainder.

  • Remember when you were a kid and saw that clown juggling three bowling pins, a feather, a shoe while balancing an umbrella on his forehead? Can you do that? That would be pretty cool, but not a requirement for this job. Multi-tasking is though, and you’ll need to be pretty good at it to be successful here.

  • Is your super power creating order from chaos? Put on your cape!

  • Bullet points. You can definitely expect bullet points. Who want some more?

  • You gotta roll with the punches. No, not literal punches, but things do change rapidly around here. You need to be flexible and adaptable with changes in processes, teams, clients, calendars, and most everything else.

  • Is your glass half empty? This probably isn’t the best place for you, then.

  • The Controller wears a lot of hats, including a fire fighting hat. Most of the hats are pretty swanky, though.

  • We like to communicate. You’ll need to be able to communicate well in words, in numbers, in emails, over the phone, in person, with those that know a lot about accounting, with those that don’t know anything about accounting, with business owners, with assistants, with employees, with white-collar clients, with blue-collar clients, in a box with a fox, in a house with a mouse… I think you get the picture.

  • Get out of the office. Seriously, get out of here. We like to visit our clients that are scattered around the greater Austin area, and you’ll be expected to lead client meetings at their offices semi-regularly. You’ll need a reliable mode of transportation and a mobile phone. Otherwise, you’ll be hanging out at our offices in Northwest Austin.

  • Who’s got the ball? You do? Nice work.

  • Close the loop. Let’s talk more about that when we meet. Be sure to ask us about it.


Here are a few minimum requirements:

  • At least 7 years of hands-on accounting, preferably a mix of public accounting and corporate accounting

  • CPA required. We are a CPA firm, after all. You’ll need some good accounting chops to go with that piece of paper, too. Do you have great experience, and are thiiiiiiis close to being certified? Let's chat about some options then.

  • Crazy, mad Excel skills

  • Prior experience managing a team. We’ve got some really great, talented folks here, and we want to know they’ll be in good hands.

  • Prior experience closing the books, preferably in more than one company.

  • Desire for life-long learning and intellectual curiosity

  • Must be able to smile fairly regularly. Laughing optional, but highly encouraged. If you know some good “dad jokes” that’s a bonus.


  • Flexible working hours

  • Medical, dental, vision, term life, AD&D, 401(k) plan available

  • 4 weeks paid vacation (includes the week between Christmas Eve and New Year's).

  • Adjustable-to-standing workstations with dual monitors and really comfy chairs.

  • Great coffee. Would you want to work somewhere with bad coffee? Not me.

  • Casual dress. There's just no need to dry clean in order to count beans.

  • You get to hang out with us. Definitely a benefit.

Want to know more? We can talk about this all day! Let’s chat.

How to apply:

Step 1:  Send your resume to recruiting@halecpagroup.com.

Step 2: Take our culture survey.